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Assignment 1

What is CI?
ans: A process where team integrate their work continuously in a shared repository, creating small features and integrating to the source code and automate the build and test the process get quick feedback.

What is continuous delivery?
continuous delivery is refer to the build, testing, and delivering improvements to the software code. and the important thing in this CD is the code is always in ready state to deploy.

What is continuous deployment?
continuous deployment refers to the final stage in the pipeline that refers to the automatic releasing of any developer changes from the repository to the production. this is a very less risky releases easy to fi the issue.

What is Cloudbees?
cloudbees is an open source automation server, the cloudbees helps to automate the software development process, with continuous integration and continuous delivery.

What is Cloudbees CD RO?
high scalable product for automating software development and delivery process

What is Cloudbees CD RO Architecture?
In CDRO we have two 3 types of architecture
1 cdro server = it is central component and manage the releases
2 agent - it is responsible to runne the job
3database - it will store the data

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