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Datadog Assignment : Infra (17th Jan,2023)

Question 1 : What is Datadog Agent?
Ans : The Datadog agent is a software installed on applications hosts that helps push every log, event, trace, and metric produced by our applications and infrastructure
It is an Observability platform which helps to observe the entire Infrastructure (Server)

Question 2 : What are list of methods to send data to Datadog?
Ans : We can send data to Datadog through any cloud service eg. AWS,GCP,Azure and also through API manually else through POSTMAN as well.

Question 3 : Top 10 commands of Datadog Agent
Ans :
1)systemctl start datadog-agent
2)systemctl stop datadog-agent
3)systemctl restart datadog-agent
4)systemctl status datadog-agent
5)datadog-agent configcheck
6)datadog-agent config
7)datadog-agent health
8)datadog-agent hostname
9)datadog-agent version
10)configcheck datadog-agent status

Question 4 : Top 10 Techniques for troubleshooting Datadog Agent
1)Verify Datadog API key set up in your datadog.yaml configuration file
2)Make sure to restart the Datadog Agent after editing a yaml configuration file
3)Check that the Agent Container is up and running & it does not stop
4)Validate site configured in your datadog.yaml configuration file
5)Check for Agent Permission Issues
6)Check for Status of Agent Check

Question 5 : Top 10 Metrices of Linux Servers which you should care it?

  1. CPU usage
  2. System load
  3. Memory utilization and processes
  4. Disk utilization
  5. Inode usage
  6. Cron jobs
  7. Network
  8. Plugins

Question 6 : Write down the steps to enable any integration in datadog?
1)Install datadog-agent
2)Integrate any service like apache by going to Integration- Integrations and search for the service and Install it.
3)Follow the steps to configure that connection in the config files

Question 7 : Top 10 Metrices of Windows Servers which you should care it?
1) CPU Utilization
2) Memory Utilization
3) Memory Breakup
4) Disk Usage
5) Network
6) Plugins 
7) Licensing
8) Tools

Question 8 : Top 5 Metrices of Apache which you should not miss it?

1) Add Resources If CPU Utilization Is High
2) Measure Bandwidth to Understand Latency
3) View Disk Usage to Ensure Sufficient Space
4) Use Memory Metrics to Distribute Resources
5) Measure Efficiency With Multi-Processing Modules

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