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Day 1 assignment - Ajimal PM

What is Kubernetes?
Kubernetes is the orchestration tool for containers. Kubernetes helps us to manage the container infrastructure.

Why Do we need Kubernetes? Explain in 10 lines
Kubernetes helps to manage the containers.
Self-healing the infrastructure-No need of manual intervention if any unhealthy condition like Node down.
Manage the network infrastructure.
Control the proxy server.
One port and Ip address for one application will be a challenge without Kubernetes.
Increase devops efficiency.
Simplified the deployment of multi nodes.
Supported cloud infrastructure like AWZ and Azure.

How Kubernetes Works?
Kubernetes works as server and worker node concept.
All activities are controlled by server node.
Master nodes are responsible for doing the work.

Kubernetes Architecture. Explain each component with 1 one line:
Kubernetes works as server and worker architecture.

Kubernetes server
1.Kube API server
Kube API server is the component that exposes Kubernetes. All other nodes and services are communicating to kube API server.

2.Cluster store - etcd
This is the place the information is stored. It acted as a trust source. It works in key value pair.

3.Kube controller manager
It acts as a controller. Kuber controller manager watches all the components, nodes and services and bidirectional communication with Kube API server.

  1. Kube scheduler Kube scheduler schedules the work. It will assign works to the worker nodes.

Worker nodes

Kublet interacts with nodes and containers.

2.Kube proxy
Responsible for forwarding request to Pods.
All containers in a pod shares same IP.

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