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Git Assignment # 1

What is Git?
Git is an open source SCM(Source Code Management) tool which is used for distributed version controlling.

How git works? Architecture of git.

  • Working of Git involves a Local copy of the repo on the system where the developer can make changes such as adding new files, modifying files and deleting files which can further be committed to the repo.
  • After commit, these files can be pushed either to a remote repo or on the host like Github.
  • Users having access to the main repo can pull those changes in their own local repo.
  • Users can use branching which allows users them to work on their own version.

Explain Why Git is Distributed?

  • Git allows each developer to have their own copy of the repo using which each developer can work independently.
  • This benefits the developers by enhancing their speed and in case of errors in local repo, the main repo is not affected.

Explain Git Workflow with image

Image description

List of Top 10 Git commands

  1. git init
  2. git add
  3. git commit
  4. git push
  5. git status
  6. git config
  7. git log
  8. git pull
  9. git checkout
  10. git branch

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