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  • What is Kubernetes?
    It is a open source container orchestration for scaling and automating software deployment

  • What are the 10 feature which we need at prod level, Kubernetes has it?
    Pod is smallest execution unit in kubernetes.It can encapsulates one or more application.Pod are ephemeral by nature, if a pod fails kubernetes can automatically create a new replica of that pod to continue operation. Pods include one or more containers.Pods also provide environmental dependencies, including persistent storage volumes and configuration data needed to run containers within pod. It represents process running on the container.

  • Architecture of Kubernetes and few lines for each component
    1)kubernets controll plane - Manage kubernetes clusters and workloads running on them
    2)Pods-Manage containerized workload which can have multiple containers
    3)Api server-Provides an API that serve as kubernetes control
    4)Scheduler - scheduling the jobs
    5)Etcd - key-value data base that contains data about cluster state and configuration

  • What is POD, write a 10 lines explaination on POD
    Group of one or more containers with shared storage.
    Within a pod context individual application may have further sub-isolations.Pods are created using workload container per pod will be used commonly. kubernetes manages pods rather than managing the containers directly.It designed to support multiple co-operating process.Pods are automatically co-scheduled on the same physical or virtual machine in the cluster.Container can share resources and dependencies communicate with one another and co-ordinate when and how they are terminated.Mainly it represent the processes running on a cluster

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