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Datadog Assignment 1

What is Datadog Agent?
A) Datadog agent is a agent software that will be installed in VM's which gathers metrics and events from hosts and delivers them to Datadog so you may review your monitoring and performance information.
What are list of methods to send data to Datadog?
A) Datadog supports more that 500+ Integrations. Below are the methos.
a. Agent
b. DogstatsD
c. API
Top 10 commands of Datadog Agent
A) datadog-agent --help
B) datadog-agent configcheck
C) sudo datadog-agent status
D) systemctl start datadog-agent
E) systemctl stop datadog-agent
F) systemctl restart datadog-agent
G) systemctl status datadog-agent
H) ps -ef | grep datadog
I) datadog-agent hostname
J) datadog-agent version

Top 10 Techniques for troubleshooting Datadog Agent?
A) Check if the Datadog agent services status ?
Check agent logs and indentify the errors.
Verify is we are properly stopping Datadog agent while performing any activity?
Verify if the Datadog API key set up propery in your datadog.yaml configuration file the API key?
Verify the host/ip in the configuration file?
check the proxy able access internet?
Check NTP service?
Check Agent Flare?
confirm if the site configured in your datadog.yaml configuration file matching the one from your organization?
Take backup while doing any changes to the configuration files.
If any changes / updates to yaml file, restart datadog agent
on Further logs enable deubing mode to get to more details information on the issue.

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