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Assignment 1

Why do we need terraform?

  • to enable people to access/ways to build, modify and deploy codes on cloud/on-prem safe and efficiently

What is Providers?

  • A plugin - enable interaction with API

What is Resources?

  • Take arguments and export attributes for use in configuration
  • Manage resource - ceate, update, delete objects
  • Data resource - Only read object

List out Top 8 Commands which we have learnt so far?

  1. $ set PATH "%PATH%;C:\tools\terraform";
  2. $ terraform init
  3. $ terraform validate
  4. $ terraform plan
  5. $ terraform apply
  6. $ terraform show
  7. $ terraform destroy
  8. output "github_repo_url" {   value = github_repository.example.http_clone_url }

What are the block we have used in .tf file? Explain in Short
-A bunch of blocks is used to define and configuring all the element within your code such as declaring providers, variables, output and  separated is to make sure the code is more understandable and structured

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