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1. What is Docker ?

Docker is a container management tool. Its the company name which released the Docker Engine tool which helps us to build, run and deploy our applications in laptops, desktops ,vms , cloud anywhere .

2. What is Container ?

Container is the running instance of a docker image.

3. How Docker work ?

Once request comes , Docker Client will sent the api request to Docker Server . Docker Server will talk to the containerD which is the industry standard for container run time interface .This will connect to the Kernel which creates isolated PID tree, ROOT FS , Network for the container runtime.
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4. How Container work?

Uses and shares the same linux OS/Kernel and will have multiple PID tree, ROOT FileSystem, Network . These separate PID Tree, ROOT FS, Network creates isolated containers. Each will run as separate isolated process.
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5. What are the components of Docker?

Four components -
    1. Docker Engine
    2. Docker Images
    3. Docker Registry
    4. Docker Container
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