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What is Helm?

Simplifying the deployment and management of applications on Kubernetes clusters.

Write write 5 reason why we need helm?

  1. Helm helps manage the deployment complexity by allowing you to define and manage all the related resources in a single chart.
  2. Faster and more reliable releases.
  3. Helm has a rich ecosystem of pre-built charts available in public and private repositories.
  4. Supports easy rollbacks to previous releases.
  5. Parameterize configurations, making it easier to customize deployments for different environments.

How Helm works?

A Helm chart is organized into a directory structure with

Helm simplifies the process of deploying and managing applications on Kubernetes by providing a package manager-like experience.

What are the components of helm eco systems?

  • Helm CLI: The Helm command-line interface is used by developers and operators to interact with the Helm ecosystem.
  • Helm Charts: Helm Charts are packages that contain pre-configured Kubernetes resources such as deployments, services, and config maps.

What are parallel tools of helm for another platform and programming Language?

  1. Docker Compose
  2. Terraform

Explain Directory structure of helm?

├── charts/
├── templates/
│   ├── deployment.yaml
│   ├── service.yaml
│   ├── configmap.yaml
├── values.yaml
├── Chart.yaml

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