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HashiVault Commands and Auth method usage

1.List of Authentication Methods in Hashicorp Vault
--easy way to managing secrets
--allows dynamic secrets
--It’s open source
--It is self-hosted
--It can be used to encrypt data of your applications
--It can generate PKI certificates
--Vault’s functionality can be extended with Secret Engines and Auth Engines
--It can be configured to be highly available
--Key management

  1. 5 Use Case of Approle and Userpass Authentication Methods
    --allow machines or apps to acquire a token to interact with Vault.
    --Dynamic secrete generation
    --Automates secret management
    --Allows user to login to vault to perform tasks
    --configurations to handle large numbers of apps

  2. Top 10 Commands for Hashicorp Vault Learnt Today?
    --Vault server -dev
    --Vault enable auth
    --Vault auth list
    --vault server -help
    --vault login $root_token
    --vault status
    --vault login
    --vault auth enable userpass
    --export VAULT_ADDR=''
    --vault -help

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