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Datadog Fundamental - Day 1 Notes

what is observability?

Observability is a superset of monitoring.
Monitoring tells whether a system is working. Observability tells why it isn't working.

What is Datadog?

Datadog is an observable service for cloud scaled applications. Providing monitoring of servers, databases, tools and services through a SaaS based data analytics platform

What is Datadog agent?

The Datadog agent is a software that runs on your hosts. It collect events and metrics from hosts and sends them to Datadog, where you can analyse you monitoring and performance data.

What is DogstasD?

DogstasD is an extension of the stads protocol developed by Etsy for metrix aggregation.

How Datadog works?

Datadog is a SaaS monitoring analytics platform for large scale software and infrastructure. Datadog integrates end to end tracing with real time data from hosts, capsules, databases, and applications to facilitate full stack observability.

Top 10 command used in Datadog agent?

datadog-agent configcheck
datadog-agent config
datadog-agent health
datadog-agent hostname
datadog-agent agent version
datadog-agent version
datadog-agent start-services
datadog-agent stopservices
datadog-agent launch-gui
datadog-agent regimport

What is Datadog config file and which config you used today?

The agent's main configuration file is datadog.yaml.

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