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HELM Assignment 1

What is Helm?

Helm is an open-source package manager and deployment tool for Kubernetes. It simplifies the process of managing, deploying, and updating applications in Kubernetes clusters

Write write 5 reason why we need helm?

  1. Simplified Kubernetes Deployments
  2. Efficient Application Packaging
  3. Automated Release Management
  4. Dependency Management
  5. Reproducibility

How Helm works?

Helm works by packaging applications into reusable "charts," which include Kubernetes resource templates and values.

What are the components of helm eco systems?

  1. Helm CLI (Client)
  2. Helm Charts
  3. Dependencies Management
  4. Version Control
  5. CI/CD Integration

What are parallel tools of helm for another platform and programming Language?

  1. Terraform
  2. Ansible (Configuration Management and Orchestration)

Explain a directory structure of helm

templates/:This directory holds the core Kubernetes resource templates that define the components of your application. These templates are written in YAML and can include deployment configurations, service definitions, config maps, and more.

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