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Helm Introduction: Assignment Day 1

What is helm

  • It is a tool which helps us to install and manage apps on Kubernates.
  • It packages all the necessary files and instructions for running app into a package called chart.
  • Helms helps us in installing, updating and removing apps on Kubernates cluster using simple commands.

Top 5 reason for using helm

  1. Easy application deployment.
  2. Easy versioning and reproducible installations.
  3. Helps in scaling the application on Kubernaes cluster
  4. Templating for customization.
  5. Easy to share

How helm works

  • Packaging - Devs create a chart that contains necessary files and configurations.
  • Chart repository - charts can be stored in central repo.
  • Templating Customization
  • Release Management - Helm keeps track of installed applications as "Release".
  • Collabaration - devs can share their charts

Helm Architecture

Image description

What is chart and what it contains

Chart - It is package used by helm, the package manager for kubernaes to deploy and manage applications on a kubernates cluster.

What it contains -

  1. chart.yaml
  2. templates
  3. Values.yaml
  4. Chart dependencies
  5. Additional files.

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