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Write a self notes which cover all the list of resources which you learnt in this session with 1 liner explanation

Below are the list of resources covered:

POD - Used to create a POD which will host the container in the node.
Replication controller - Used to replicate PODs based on desired number of replicas.
Deployment - Deployment includes Replication Controller along with Versioning , rollback and rollout options.
Services - Services is used to Load balance the traffic between multple nodes based on the selector labels.
NOdePort - Nodeport exposes the port on the Node and forwards it to the respective services.
PV - Used by kubernetes cluster administrator to provision storage volumes for the cluster.
PVC - PVC is used by app team to claim storage for the POD from the PV. These are then mounted to the container using Volume MOunts.
Configmap - Used to store configuration details as key value pairs which is required by container. These are stored in cluster storage.
Secret - Secret are stored in encoded format. They are also stored as key value pairs in cluster storage.
Job - Used to run a command or a job in a container. This resource is killed after the job is completed.
Cronjob - Used to run a command or a job in a cron schedule in a container. This resource will keep running as per the cron schedule.

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