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What is DevOps and compare with SRE and DevSecOps?

1.1 What is DevOps in simple terms?

DevOps is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and Information Technology professionals.

1.2 What exactly do DevOps do?

  • Reduces cost and time to deliver - Deploy often, deploy faster with repeatable, reliable process.
  • Increases Quality - Automated testing, Reduce cost and time to test.
  • Increase the ability to reproduce and fix defects.
  • Minimises rollbacks.

1.3 What are the list of DevOps Tools?

Git and Github, Terraform, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker,Selenium, SonarQube, Maven, Parker, NewRelic, Splunk, Prometheus, Grafana and Nagios.

1.4 How DevOps and SRE are different?

DevOps role is to shorten the software development lifecycle and speed the delivery of higher-quality software and automating the work of software development and IT operations teams.

Site Reliability Engineering uses software engineering to automate IT operations tasks that would normally be performed by system administrators. These tasks include production system management, change management and incident response.

1.5 What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is a practice in application security that involves introducing security earlier in the software development life cycle. It also expands the collaboration between development and operations teams to integrate security teams in the software delivery cycle.

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