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Datadog (Day-1) Assignment

1) What is Datadog Agent?
Datadog Agent is open-source software that monitors the host on which it runs. Acting as a DogStatsD server, Datadog Agent also aggregates metrics from other processes or containers on the host.

2) What are list of methods to send data to Datadog?
The following are the ways to send the data to Datadog

  • Collector = Configuring the Datadog Agent for Application
  • DogStatsD = Adding the Datadog Tracing Library to the code
  • Datadog_API = Rest API which can used to publish custom log/metric

3)Top 10 commands of Datadog Agent

  • systemctl start datadog-agent - To start the datadog-agent service
  • systemctl stop datadog-agent - To stop the datadog-agent service
  • systemctl restart datadog-agent - To restart datadog-agent post config changes
  • systemctl status datadog-agent - To check status of the datadog-agent service after starting
  • datadog-agent configcheck - To check the config changes status
  • datadog-agent config - To check the configuration values/files
  • datadog-agent health - To check datadog-agent is working as needed
  • datadog-agent hostname - Hostname of the datadog agent
  • datadog-agent version - To check current installed version
  • datadog-agent status - To check datadog-agent status
  • datadog-agent --help

4) Top 10 Techniques for troubleshooting Datadog Agent

  • Check Datadog Agent Process is running or not
  • Check Datadog Agent Logs for Error
  • Check Datadog Agent Configuration file(datadog.yaml) syntax Error
  • Check Datadog Integration Configuration file(datadog.yaml) syntax Error
  • Check Datadog Agent API Key in datadog.yaml
  • Check ENV variable set for Datadog Agent conflict with datadog.yaml
  • Print the runtime configuration of a running agent
  • Print all configurations loaded & resolved of a running agent
  • Execute some connectivity diagnosis on your system
  • Print the current agent health`

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