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Understanding Datadog Agent

**- **What is Datadog agent?
Its a software that runs on host that collects events and metrics from hosts and sends these events and metrices to Datadog, where one analyze monitoring and performance data.

  • Type of Datadog Agent? Collector and Dogstatsd
  • Ports used to in Datadog agent? UDP , HTTP - 80, TCP, HTTPS - 443
  • Top 5 commands with simple explanation troubleshooting Datadog agent?
    $ systemctl start datadog-agent - start the agent
    $ systemctl stop datadog-agent - stop the agent
    $ systemctl status datadog-agent - status of the agent
    $ datadog-agent config - print all the runtime configuration
    $ more /etc/datadog-agent/datadog.yaml - details of configuartion file
    $ ls /var/log/datadog/ - listing

  • Locate how to enable Logs monitoring in datadog.yaml
    edit the datadog.yaml file. Locate the logs: section and set enabled: false to enabled: true.

  • 5 techniques for troubleshooting Datadog?
    Verify API token (datadog.yaml)
    Verify site/region (datadog.yaml)
    Datadog Agent is running or not under services
    check if logs enabled under config file**


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