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Explained observability by Deepjeet

What is observability?

Observability means assembling all fragments from logs, monitoring tools and organize them in such a way which gives in-depth knowledge of the whole environment, thus creating an insight. It provides high-level overviews of the system's health as well as granular insights into the implicit failure modes of the system.

How to set up observability for your project?

We have to follow the following steps:

  1. When choosing what to monitor, we should involve business stakeholders and leaders. Our goal should be to monitor what matters to the business and not to overload the whole process.
  2. Metrics, health checks, logs and traces are the essential data types of observability that a system should produce.
  3. The ability to instrument any data type from any source is critical for observability, as it allows us to get telemetry quickly, and resolve issues dynamically as they arise.

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