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What is kubernetes

  • What is Kubernetes?
    Is is a open source management framework used for scaling, deploying and managing your containers

  • What are the 10 feature which we need at prod level, Kubernetes has it

  • Auto scaling

  • Load balancing

  • Monitoring of applications

  • Network policy

  • Log management

  • Replica feature

  • Container management

  • Security policies

  • Lifecycle management
    10.Storage orchestration

  • Architecture of Kubernetes and few lines for each component
    k8s cluster contains nodes, pods and image registry.

k8s control plane contains API server, etcd, kube-scheduler, kube-controller-manager

Controller - Drives the states of nodes, pods, namespace. Observes and checks the current state using API server.
API server- exposes the APIs
Scheduler - schedules and manages the pods. Determines whether a cluster is healthy and if new pods needs to be deployed.
etcd - Stores configuration data.
worker node contains kubelet, kube-proxy and container engine

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