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What is a Docker image. Explain in 10 points.

  • docker images are stored in called registry.
  • All the layers have relationship with each other if you are pulling the top layer the parent layer will be pulled automatically
  • It's the layers of file system
  • Docker image consists of multiple filesystems -- ROOTFS + USERFS + ...
  • Docker image has file system versioning.
  • For encrypting docker images, sha2-256bit algorithm is used.
  • All these layers merge to create one layer called mount.
  • We can see the layer information using "df -kh" and also the memory using "du -h --max-dept=1"
  • When we start a container there is a merge layer will get created, which is the combination of all the layers which we have pulled
  • When we add some data into the container and even we stopped the container after that, the data will be available under overlay2 folder as a layer, and it will get attached to the container once is started.

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