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Assignment #1

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is container orchestration technology developed by Google and made as open source in 2014, managed by CNCF. This is written in Go Lang.
Kubernetes a.k.a K8's helps in managing multiple docker containers. This helps in scaling, scheduling, monitoring container orchestration.

Why Do we need Kubernetes? Explain in 10 lines

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  1. To solve our customer day to day problems, there by easing out clinicians work flows
  2. To solve problem of High Availability
  3. To solve problem of Scalability
  4. Manage multiple docker hosts, run any number (1000's) containers.
  5. Self healing automated container orchestration.
  6. To have good Health wealth there by Happiness :-)
  7. Runtime automated upgrade
  8. To provide storage orchestration.

How Kubernetes Works?

Kubernetes will have Master and Worker node (minion), the master control the node as per request sent to api server. The POD which is a logical unit will have one or multiple nodes. Kubernetes creates pods and get the information about pods. It creates the required number of pods as per configuration.

Kubernetes Architecture. Explain each component with 1 one line.

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  • API Server: This is the api server through which we can send commands to K8's master node. Collection

  • Cluster Store (etcd) : This acts as database stores information about pods in key value storage format.

  • Kube controller manager : This controls and manages commands sent api server

  • Kube Scheduler : Assign tasks to minions/nodes based on availability CPU memory etc.

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