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All About Helm

Q1 - What is helm?

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes similar to something like we have apt-get for Ubuntu. You can install, upgrade, and delete the Kubernetes objects.

Q1 - Top 5 reasons for using helm?

  • Easy to manage and maintain deployments
  • Easy to integrate with CI/CD
  • Free open-source
  • Help to scale the application
  • Rolling updates

Q3 - How helm works? Include some pic

Helm organizes the deployments into yaml files and uses the chart repository to store and distribute charts. Below is the picture which shows how Helm fits with the Kubernetes.
Image description

Image description

Image description

Q4 - Helm Architecture? Inlcude some pic

Below is the Helm Architecture

Image description

Q5 - What is chart and what it contains?

Helm chart is the collection of YAML files; bundle of the Kubernetes resources needed to build a Kubernetes application. For ease of visualization, Helm Chart can be compared like a Docker Image. Of course, Helm also has a Helm Hub where to search and share Charts for popular apps.

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