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which dockerd - to show the docker present or not
which containerd - to show the container present or not
ps -ef | grep docker
ps -ef | grep containerd - to show process
docker info - see information about the docker.
docker version - see version reg docker
docker pull image name - to pull the image from docker hub
docker images - show the images available in docker.
docker create httpd - create a container for httpd image.
docker ps - show running containers list
docker ps -a -show containers list
docker start image ID - start a container
docker stop image ID - stop a container
docker restart image ID - reboot a container
docker kill image ID - kill a container forcefully
docker rm image ID - remove the container
docker pause image ID - pause the container
docker unpause image ID - unpause the container
docker stats - get status of the container processor/ram/network
docker run -itd imagename - to pull image from hub, create, start at the same time

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