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Docker Understanding

What is Docker?

Docker is a container management Tool. It is a tool which save time, reduce costs and Improve Quality of work.

  • Save time - 1Day -> 5mins -> 1s
  • Reduce Cost- 1 APP -> 3 APP -> 10 APP
  • Improve Quality of work

What is Container?

  • Container is running instance of a docker image
  • It contains applications and os dependencies
  • It have everything a software needs to run.
  • It includes libraries, system tools, code etc.

How Docker work?

Request --> Docker Client --> api request -->Docker Server . Docker Server --> containerD --> Kernel -->creates isolated PID tree, ROOT FS , Network for the container runtime.

  • Docker helps to create, start ,stop , restart , pause , kill and remove containers.
  • Docker helps to build , test and deploy applications quickly.
  • Using Docker, we can quickly deploy and scale applications into any environment and know your code will run.

How Container work?

  • Multiple containers runs on the same machine and same kernel, each running as isolated processes.
  • Container helps in creation, deployment, scaling and deleting apps and services.
  • When you run an image you will get 1 container and if you run same image 10 times it will create 10 different containers.

What are the components of Docker?

  • Docker images
  • Docker Registry
  • Docker engine
  • Dockerfile
  • Docker containers
  • Docker desktop
  • Docker hub

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