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Kubernetes Assignment

What is K8S?
Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system for
automating software deployment, scaling, and management.

why K8S?
Kubernetes is used for below reasons.

  1. Solve Scalability
  2. Manage Portability
  3. Resilience
  4. Perform Automation
  5. It is Open Source Community.
  6. Self Healing
  7. Secret and config management.
  8. Enhance productivity.
  9. Faster deployment

Master Node?
Master node is Kubernetes Control Plane
It is responsible for running below components.

  1. Etcd
  2. Kube-api server
  3. Kube Controller Manager
  4. Kube Scheduler
  5. DNS Services

What is Worker Node or Minion Node?

A worker node is a node that runs the application in a cluster and reports to a control plane. The main responsibilities of a worker node is to process data stored in the cluster and handle networking to ensure traffic between the application
across the cluster and outside of the cluster are properly facilitated.
It is the main K8s agents. It watches the apiserver. Instantiate pods. Reports back to master in case any pod stops working. Expose Endpoint on 10255.
It does container management. Like pulling image, starting and stopping container.

What is work Station?
In K8s Workstation means developers local machine or laptop. Developers can use this for below tasks

  1. Developing and Testing Applications.
  2. Creating and managing K8s manifest and other configuration files
  3. Monitoring the health and performance of applications etc.

What is POD?
Container always run inside the pod. A pod is a collection of containers and its storage inside a node of a Kubernetes cluster. It is possible to create a pod with multiple containers inside it. For example, keeping a database container and data container in the same pod.

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