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Devops =28-Oct-2023 Assignment

  1. What is DevOps in simple terms?

Devops is culture to collaboratively work as team to release/manage the application features.

There is no boundary line between the each team ( Dev,OPs, Security, testing). This culture is helped to deploy the application rapid manners or identify the issue as team.

  1. What exactly do DevOps do?

The devops team configure the pipeline to cover the entire application release life cycle.


The dev team will prepare the code and they will pushed into the Source code management system. The docker file will use the code to build the container image and verify the container able to run.

Those container image version will using the k8s deployment yaml. Those yamls will apply into the K8s environment.

  1. What are the list of DevOps Tools?

GIT = Source code Management
Jenkin = Continous Delivery/Continous deployment
Docker = Container run time
K8s = orchestration tools
Prometheus = Application Metrics
ELK = Container log monotoring
Ansible = Configuration Management
Terrform = Infra provision

  1. How DevOps and SRE are different?

Devops = The devops main objective work Continuous delivery and Continuous deployment for the application release.

SRE = SRE is responsible for manage application Availability and configure the Application metrics to meet the SLA/SLO. If there is incident, need to post moderm what cause the issue and how to avoid this issue in future.

  1. What is DevSecOps?

Security one important element in the Application life cycle process. During the Application build secuity add as check cover the workflow. This helps to identify secrity releated valunerable on the begining stage.

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