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Helm Day-1 Assignment-1

What is Helm?

Helm is a package manager and deployment tool for Kubernetes. It simplifies the process of managing, deploying, and maintaining applications on Kubernetes clusters by providing a right way to define, package and deploy applications.

Write write 5 reason why we need helm?

  1. Application deployment will be easier
  2. We can reuse
  3. It also help to versioning and rollback if any problem occurs
  4. We can utilize the community of helm where most of repository and charts are already available.
  5. It allows us to use only the required resources.

How Helm works?

We can obtain the charts from public registries,
and we can customize the chart's values.
Once our values file is ready we can install using helm cli commands.
This will process the templates which is present in our helm directories.
And helm will take care of deployment in our kubernetes cluster.
Later helm will maintains the lifecycle of the releases.

What are the components of helm eco systems?

The components of helm eco systems are charts, helm template engine, values file, helm repositories.

What are parallel tools of helm for another platform and programming Language?

Docker-compose, Ansible

Explained a Directory structure of helm

  1. chart.yaml file --> we can define our chart version, apiversion of the application and other information
  2. templates --> which includes all our different resources yaml files
  3. values.yaml file --> which contains the default values, which can be overridden while installing
  4. file --> which defines the information about the particular chart

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