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My notes for Datadog day 1

What is Observability?
Observability is a superset of monitoring. Monitoring tells you whether a system is working. Observability tells why it is not working.Monitoring is the basic component in their reliability pyramid and enables incident.

What is Datadog
Datadog is a monitoring service for cloud scale applications,
providing monitoring of servers,databases,tools and services, through a SaaS based data analytics platform.

What is Datadog Agent?
It is a part of Datadog high-level architecture. It uses a open source software that monitors the host on which it runs and uses a Go based agent.

What is DogstatsD?
It is for the purspose of aggregating and summarizing application metrics.

How Datadog works?
It uses a Go-based agent. It is used to allow datadogto integrate with numerous services, tools, etc.

Top 10 commands used in Datadog agent
systemctl start datadog-agent
systemctl stop datadog-agent
systemctl restart datadog-agent
systemctl status datadog-agent
datadog-agent configcheck
datadog-agent config
datadog-agent health
datadog-agent hostname
datadog-agent version

what is datadog config file and which config used today
It is to support better complex configurations.
we used datadog.yaml file.

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