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Lakshmikar Assignment

What is Obserbability and their benefits?

Observability is a kind of reactive monitoring which needs past data to analyze and identify RCA instead of just providing teh status of Monitoring of a device/Host. It is superset of Monitoring. It gives us data in single pane of glass for Metrics, Tracing and reliability.

What are the data need to collect to setup Obserbability?
Metrics, Tracing and Logging

What are the platform for implement Obserbability?
Newrelic, Datadag, Appdynamics, Splunk, etc..

What is Datadog and what services is provided by Datadog?
Datadog is a Monitoring Service. Services provided by datadog includes Metrics collection, Logging, Tracing.

What is a use of Datadog Agent?and how it works?
Datadog Agent is used to collect metrics and send it to datadog Site.

How can Modify Datadog agent parameters?
Datadog agent parameters can be modified via datadog.yaml.

Top 10 commands of Datadog and their usage in short

To stop Datadog agent : systemctl stop datadog-agent
To start datadog agent : systemctl start datadog-agent
To Refresh datadog agent :systemctl restart datadog-agent
To check status of datadog agent: datadog-agent status
To check datadog agent version: datadog-agent version
To check datadog agent config : datadog-agent configcheck
To modify datadog agent yaml file : vi /etc/datadog-agent/datadog.yaml
To check datadog agent log details : tail -500 /var/log/datadog/agent.log

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