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Datadog Assignment: Infra

  1. Datadog agent
    The Datadog agent is a lightweight software installed on your host. It is the opensource software. It collects events and metrics from hosts and sends them to Datadog.
    Collector - Run check and metrics collection
    Forwarder - Sends payloads to Datadog

  2. List of methods to send data to Datadog
    Use API

  3. Commands of Datadog agents
    $ systemctl start datadog-agent
    $ systemctl stop datadog-agent
    $ systemctl restart datadog-agent
    $ systemctl status datadog-agent
    $ ls /var/log/datadog/
    $ more /etc/datadog-agent/datadog.yaml
    $ more /var/log/datadog/agent.log
    $ more /var/log/datadog/process-agent.log
    $ more /var/log/datadog/trace-agent.log
    $ datadog-agent configcheck
    $ datadog-agent config
    $ datadog-agent health
    $ datadog-agent hostname
    $ datadog-agent version

  4. Techniques for troubleshooting Datadog agents
    Run the status command for more details about your agents.
    Check agent logs directly and enable debug mode.
    Reach out to Datadog support team with a flare from your agent.

  5. Metrics of Linux servers
    Load average
    CPU Utilization
    Memory Utilization
    Network Checks
    Resource Checks

  6. Steps to enable integration in Datadog
    Create an agent based integration
    Create an API
    Create an integration dashboards
    Authentication for integration

  7. Metrics of windows servers
    CPU metrics
    Memory metrics
    Disk metrics
    Network metrics

  8. Metrics of Apache
    Request latency
    Rate of requests
    Resource utilization
    Activity metrics

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