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Assignment 1: 21-Aug-2023

  1. What is CI?
    Ans: CI is a continuos integration. As soon as developer commits the code pipeline triggers automatically to build, test and creates the artifact.

  2. What is continuous delivery?
    Ans: Continous delivery is a process where the artifacts in a release and ready to deploy on to target environment.

  3. What is continuous deployment?
    Ans: In CD, artifacts are deployed to the target environment.

  4. What is Cloudbees?
    Ans: Cloudbees is a organization and which builds the enterprise grade tools for CI, CD/RO.

  5. What is CD/RO?
    Ans: CD/RO is a release and deployment orchestration tool, which will be used to deploy the packages on to VM, Kubernetes and it consists of core, web, agent and analytics components.

  6. Cloudbees CR/RO architecture?
    Ans: In traditional approach, all the CD/RO components can be deployed into a single server or can have a distributed architecture where each component can be deployed on to a each server.
    In Modern approah, CD/RO can be deployed on to a Kubernetes clsuter.

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