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Docker Summary

What is Docker?

  • Docker is an container orchestration/management Tools.
  • With Docker we can perform various management operations on containers such as create, start, stop, kill, restart. Why Docker?
  • Buy creating containers using docker we can
    • save cost - hardware requirement is minimal.
    • save time - from provisioning to booting to management, the time taken is far less than that taken by VM's or physical machines.
    • improve work quality - with the effective utilization of the resources and easy management of containers. What is Container?
  • Containers allow us to isolate kernel process and help us to run applications using images.

Docker workflow

  • Docker run - docker client - docker daemon - registry docker hub - image is pulled - container is created.

How container created?

  • Docker image parts - BOOT FS , ROOT FS , USERS , Applications
  • Using the Docker base image, docker initializes namespaces and runs the application

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