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Linux Assignment & Excercise

1. What is EPEL and Write a instructions to install and use it.

  • Extra Package for Enterprise Linux is a special group form ferdora group that provides more packages for Redhat family[Ubuntu,centos and many more] Commands for installation of EPEL For install EPEL : yum install epel-release -y For refresh: yum repolist For install package: yum install pkg

2. What is diffrence between hypervisor and cloud?

  • the difference between hypervisor and cloud, hypervisor is a software that creates and run virtual machines{VMs} moreover hypervisor need few opreting system like memory manager,input/output(I/O),process scheduler, network stack and more to run VMs, On the otherhand cloud is a model that provide computing resources such as storage and networking via Internet in added that, there are few type of cloud providers are providing the computing resources on a rent as per user demand without buy and maintain hardware such as Amazon Web Services [aws], Microsoft Azure and google Cloud.

3.What are the Network Adaptor(Driver) you have in VirtualBox and write a usecase of it?

3.1 NOT ATTACHED: A virtual network adapter is installed in a VM, but the network connection is missing, much like when you unplug the Ethernet network cable when using a physical network adapter.

3.2 NAT : This network mode is enabled for a virtual network adapter by default. A guest operating system on a VM can access hosts in a physical local area network (LAN) by using a virtual NAT (Network Address Translation) device.

3.3 NAT NETWROK: It is similar to the NAT mode that you use for configuring a router. If you use the NAT Network mode for multiple virtual machines, they can communicate with each other via the network.

3.4 BRIDGED ADAPTER: Bridged Adapter is used for connecting the virtual network adapter of a VM to a physical network to which a physical network adapter of the VirtualBox host machine is connected. Also this mode used to run servers on VMs that allowing to fully network of local area.

3.5 INTERNET NETWORK: VMs connected to this network can communicate with each other, but they cannot communicate with a VirtualBox host machine, or with any other hosts in a physical network or in external networks, also this network can't be accessed from host or any other devices.

3.6 HOST-ONLY ADAPTER: This network mode is used for communicating between a host and guests. A VM can communicate with other VMs connected to the host-only network, and with the host machine. The VirtualBox host machine can access all VMs connected to the host-only network.

3.7 GENERIC DRIVER: This network allows you to share the generic network interface. A user can select the appropriate driver to be distributed in an extension pack or be included with VirtualBox.

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