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  1. What is DevOps in simple terms? DevOps means one team act as both developers and operators.
  2. What exactly do DevOps do? Same as what develpers and operators do. Coding, building, archieving, testing, deployment, monitor etc.
  3. What are the list of DevOps Tools? A lot. Git,Github, Maven, Jfrog, jenkins, ansible, prometheus,grafana, docker, cloud, K8s, ELK, Terraform, Nexus,Junit, Jmeter...
  4. How DevOps and SRE are different? DevOps is targeting to develop and deploy applications with more efficiency. SRE is more like archietecture and operator, although SRE also need coding. SRE's target is to maintain the stability of the application.
  5. What is DevSecOps? DevOps+Security. Need to apply security compliance in every phase.

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