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Assessment #1

Continuous Integration (CI)

CI is the practice of frequently merging developer code changes into a shared repository like Git. With each code change, CI automatically builds the software and runs tests to catch bugs early. Fast feedback on each change lets developers easily improve code quality.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery takes the automated builds and tests from CI further. It automatically packages the code after testing and makes it easy to release rapidly with approval. The packages can be deployed to production manually at any time.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous deployment automates releasing changes to users without manual intervention. Code changes flow automatically through the pipeline from commit to production via automated builds, tests, and deployments. Fast and frequent delivery of value.


Cloudbees provides a comprehensive platform for continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. It integrates popular DevOps tools like Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes to fully automate building, testing, and releasing software changes quickly and reliably.

Cloudbees CD RO

Cloudbees Continuous Delivery Reference Architecture offers blueprints, patterns and best practices for implementing continuous delivery. It provides prescriptive guidance on pipelines, environments, deployments, infrastructure and more using Cloudbees tools.

Cloudbees CD RO Architecture

The CD RO architecture specifies concepts like having a deployment pipeline with automated build, test, and release stages. Pre-production environments for testing. Safely deploying to production using blue-green or canary techniques. The focus is on safety, speed and automation.

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