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Devops- Assignment 1

Continuous Integration

  1. One of the steps of SDLC.
  2. Continuous integration refers to the code , build and test in an automated way.
  3. It is follows the fail fast principle.
  4. continuous feedback.

Continuous Delivery

1.After CI it is CD which means packaging, archiving,deployment,testing(acceptance) and CodeCoverage.
2.It is basically the step which has manual intervention.
3.readiness of code shipping.
4.It is release of code for lower environments.

Continuous deployment

  1. It actual release of code to production environment.
  2. No manual intervention.
  3. Fully automated pipelines.
  4. Follows different strategies for deployment.


  1. Cloudbees ia an integration tool which includes almost all tools for successful project release (SDLC)
  2. It has both CI and CD .
  3. Helps in faster delivery process.
  4. Better governance.

Cloudbees CD RO

1.Continuous delivery and release orchestration tool.

  1. Scaling the release process.
  2. Analytics for measurement
  3. No scripting

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