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Kubernetes From Nagendra

  1. What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes invented from google but now managing by the CNFC (opensource) which manages/orchestrator the dockers in a physical/ virtual machines
  2. why do we need kuberenetes? Kubernetes solves the below problems a. It will manage both the work (dockers ) and workers (node) in efficient manner. If it manage by the ppl takes lot of time but it does in a seconds. b. Only dockers manages on one node if its multiple nodes then this k8s will take care
  3. How Kubernetes Works? and architecture ? K8s has master and worker nodes All the k8s communication goes through the master nodes (from outside world to the minion (node)) while managing the server Each master nodes has 4 components
    1. Apiserver -- > Worker nodes and the workstation (who given the instrucation) can talk only through the api server
    2. CLuster store --> Which stores all the information (Which is SOT) related to Worker nodes (like how many pods and there state information everything)
    3. Controller --> Which looks up the status of the nodes and the pods and sending that information to the apiserver and resposible to manintain the desired state
    4. Schedular --> Which schedules the work to nodes has given by the apiserver (like which pod has to run in which node ) and all.

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