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What is Pod day 1 - Namrata

Pod is the smallest atomic unit.
Pod contains containers
IP Address is giving to POD
IP Address is not given to containers.
A pod may have more than 1 container and IP address will be same.

We send a desire to apiserver which then instantiates pod

Pods are not created , but instantiated.
Static pods cannot be deleted.
Static pods are instantiated by kubelet directly without help of api server.

One pod can contain 2 containers , each container will have its IP address and a different port.

When many pods are connected , data is shared using Pod Network.

If there are 2 containers in pod , they talk to each other using localhost.

How do you define pods ?
api server: v1
Kind: pOD

No pods are every "redeployed"
Its a unit of scheduling

The Focus should be on :
learning 65 resources
YAML Files
HELM chart

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