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Answers from MOumita

What is Namespaces? Explain with Image

  • A logical separation of different pods running across multiple nodes , that will avoid unwanted access / un controllable resource usage by multiple developer groups who are using the cluster

What is Pod? Explain with Image

  • The unit of scheduler . A pod can run multiple docker container inside it . User cant login inside , but login inside contaner of a pod . Pods can be scaled up & scaled down based on need basis

What is Replica Sets? Explain with Image

  • The overriden feature of Replica Controller . If user wants to scale up / scale down pods . then a object of replica set needs to be created , & scalling can be applied to the corresponding pod mapped to the replica set . If user wants to scale uo multiple pod doing multiple functionaly , individual replica set needs to be created for each pod

What is Deployment? Explain with Image

  • Deployment is wrapper of replicaset + pod . versioning of softwares can be managed by roll out / rollback / versioning feature of deployment cmd . 90% user across the industry uses deployment feature rather individually creating pod & replicaset

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