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Day-1 Docker Commands understand

what is the diff between docker pause and docker unpause
Hint - docker stats

----> Docker pause runs for only the running containers, not just the created ones whereas docker unpause only runs for paused containers not the stopped ones. If we run pause for a stopped container it's gonna give us a error message but not for a running container. Docker unpause will give the error message for a running or created container but not for a paused container.

What is the diff between docker stop and docker kill
Hints - Return value of linux + SIGNALs

---> Docker stop usually stops the container and keeps a message "Exited (0) n seconds ago" and Docker Kill gives the message "Exited (137) n seconds ago". That means Docker stop doesn't deallocate the memory the container is using but docker kill deallocates the memory from the container.

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