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Helm : Your deployment package utility

What is helm?

Helm is a package manager to automate the deployment process of kubernetes applications with help of the configuration files. It uses templates and provides various configuration files to deploy the application on various platform (QA/Staging/Prod) with very little modification.

Why to use Helm (Top 5 reasons)

  1. - Helm reduces the effort of deploying the no of kubernetes pods one by one.
  2. - You can create and publish helm packages for the reusability of the packages for other projects.
  3. - Simple configuration to manage/upgrade of the application.
  4. - Easy rollback of application incase of failed deploment.
  5. - Usage of templates for the different kubernetes services.

How helm works?

To create a chart in Helm. you have to Helm installed. Then, just type in helm create and it will create a directory filled with files and other directories. Those files are required for Helm to create a chart.

Image description

Helm Architecture

Image description

What is Chart

A Helm chart is a package that contains all the necessary resources to deploy an application to a Kubernetes cluster. This includes YAML configuration files for deployments, services, secrets, and config maps that define the desired state of your application.

A Helm chart packages together YAML files and templates that can be used to generate additional configuration files based on parametrized values. This allows you to customize configuration files to suit different environments and to create reusable configurations for use across multiple deployments. Additionally, each Helm chart can be versioned and managed independently, making it easy to maintain multiple versions of an application with different configurations.

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