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Summary of Docker Introduction

1)What is Docker ?
----Docker is a container management tool which can save cost, save time and improve the quality of software also.

2) Basically what a Docker can do ?
----It can create/ start/ stop/ and remove the container.

3) Different components of the Docker:
Docker Engine, Images, Containers, Registries & Repositories.

4) What is Kernel ?
----Kernel is the sub-part of the Operating system. Some of the functions are mentioned below:
a)Process management
b)File management
c)Network management

5) Different components of Linux Kernel-
---- cgroups, namespaces, capabilities, etc.

6)Learned about the distinction between Physical Machine ----Virtual Machine and Container.

7) Also about the motivation of need to have a container over the personal computer- Like 3 Apache servers cannot run on single PC using the same port number.

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