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Understanding Datadog Agent

  1. What is Datadog agent? The Datadog Agent is software that runs on your hosts. It collects events and metrics from hosts and sends them to Datadog, where you can analyze your monitoring and performance data. The Datadog Agent is open source and its source code is available on GitHub at DataDog/datadog-agent. It collects the information like disk, cpu, memory,uptime.

2.Type of Datadog Agent?
Agent check
Datadog’s HTTP API

  1. Ports used to in Datadog agent?
    5000 Exposes runtime metrics about the Agent.
    5001 Used by the Agent CLI and GUI to send commands and pull information from the running Agent.
    5002 Serves the GUI server on Windows and OSX.
    8125 Used for the DogStatsD server to receive external metrics.

  2. Top 5 commands with simple explanation troubleshooting Datadog agent?
    startsrc datadog-agent
    systemctl restart httpd

systemctl status apache2
datadog-agent configcheck

  • Locate how to enable Logs monitoring in datadog.yaml To enable log collection, set logs_enabled to true in your datadog.yaml file.

  • 5 techniques for troubleshooting Datadog?
    IF you are unable to change the .txt file to ppk format go to folder change the permissions, click on Veiwoptions, select change folder and search option. A new window will be opened and there select View tab then uncheck the Hide extensions for know file types.

If you are unable to open the yaml file from the folder , right click the folder select properties and click on security the click on advance button then click on continue give the full premission to the users.
Verify API token (datadog.yaml)
Datadog Agent is running or not under services
check if logs enabled under config file

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