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My understanding about Docker - Assignment1

What is Docker?

Docker is a container management tool. This is used to run the application in an efficient way (in terms of time and cost)

What is Container?

Container is an environment where an application can run, means all the dependencies needed for the application to run will be available in the container.

How Docker work?

A human can send a valid docker command to a docker engine (contains docker client, API and docker server). Once docker engine verifies the command is valid it passes the corresponding actions to containerD which can further talk with the kernel.
A docker repository is available with many docker images which can be used as a base. Basically this image contains all the dependencies needed to run the application in a container. Docker uses OS kernel to run many containers on the same OS.

How Container work?

Containers bundle the application along with its dependency packages. It kind of providing a standalone environment to run the specific application.

Docker components

Docker engine (Docker client - API - Docker
Docker Images
Docker Registry (From where the docker images can be downloaded)
Docker Container

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