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Assignment #3 - Day 3

what is service ?

A Kubernetes service is a logical collection of pods in a Kubernetes cluster. We can define a K8s service as an abstract way to load balance across the pods and expose an application deployed on a set of Pods.

Four types of kuberenets services

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This is the default type that exposes the service on an internal IP of the cluster. These services are only accessible within the cluster. So, users need to implement port forwarding or a proxy to expose a ClusterIP to a wider ingress of traffic.

A NodePort service exposes the service on the IP of each node at a static port. A ClusterIP service is created automatically to route the traffic to the NordPort service. Users can communicate with the service from the outside by requesting :

This is the preferred solution to expose the cluster to the wider internet. The LoadBalancer type of service will create a load balancer (load balancer type depends on the cloud provider) and expose the service externally.

It will also automatically create ClusterIP and NodePort services and route traffic accordingly


Two pods having two difference images

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*Service create *

kubectl create service clustorip arun-nginx  --tcp=5678:80
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*Selector label matched *

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*Loadbalanacing *

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