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What is Kubernetes?
Kubernetes is an open-source container Orchestrator. It is designed by google in 2015. It has Workload placement, infrastructure placement, and Desired state
Why Kubernetes
It has self-healing, automated rollbacks, auto Scaling and load balancing capability
Speed of deployment is fast
Enhance productivity
Improve security
Explained Kubernetes Architecture
It has Kubernete cluster which comprise of masters and nodes
Master Components
Kube-apiserver which acts as Control panel
Cluster store is powered by ectd
Kube -Controller manager it watches for changes
Kube -Scheduler – watces api server for pods
Worker Components
Kubelet is a main Kubernetes agent

Container engine
Workstation Components
Kubelet we use json or yaml
What is POD?
It is atomic unit which is responsible for running containers inside it

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