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DataDog Summery:

Observability and its advantage:

_Observability is main module to identify problem or availability of infra component. the advantage of this is we can easily reach to root cause of the problem.

Difference between Observability and Monitoring:

_Using monitoring, we can only monitor availability of resources but using observability we can find the root cause of problem and fix the issue.

What is Datadog:

_Datadog is service which we can use to observe our Infra-structure related component like host,app-server,web-server,service,application using matrix, traces and logs.

What is Datadog Agent and How it works:

internally datadog agent connect through statsD library and using connector it captures infra details and metrix and send to Data dog UI via Forwarder.

Component of Datadog Agent and short intro for each:

1) StatsD: it is set of libraries and code instructions.
2)Connector: collect data using agent and send to forwarder.
3)Forwarder: it send data to Data dog UI via Forwarder.

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