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My Understanding about Docker

what is a docker??

   it's a management tool , used to implement isolation for application by creating docker images and docker containers.
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what is containers??

 it's a running instance of image include isolated root file system , user file system, app file system , network and PID tree
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How docker works??

it works using docker engine tool which includes
I) docker client API --> communicate with docker server
ii) DockerD --> communicates with container D
iii) container D provided by kernel OS which helps to
communicate with kernel

how container works????

when we run the command--> docker run {image name}
the above command will download the image file with the path what we specified from docker repo and it will ask the kernel to provide separate mount root file system, user file system ,app file system and network and PID

what are the components of docker??

       docker engine
   docker images 
   docker container
   docker registry
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