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The list of COMMON Steps to Gather Metrices and DD Commands

The list of COMMON Steps to Gather Metrices using Datadog Integration
-DataDog Agent installation form GUI
-API Key Configuration
-conf.yaml file configuration in the service
-Enable module and grant permissions
-Start and stop the server i.e apached, httpd etc
-Stop Start Datadog Agent Service

  • Top 10 data dog agent commands with their use cases.

Systemctl restart Datadog-agent To restart the Agent
Systemctl Status Datadog-agent To Check agent status
Datadog-agent checkconfig To check the Datadog configuration
Datadog-agent config
CREATE USER 'XXXXXX'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '';-- New user creation in SQL with given assword
Datadog-agent --version To check version of agent
vi /etc/datadog-agent/datadog.yaml -- To change configuration
cp conf.yaml.default conf.yaml
vi conf.yaml to conigure a particular service

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