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My Understanding on Docker

What is Docker

Docker is a virtualization tool which allows us to create deploy run application in a container environment isolated with each other.
It shares the kernel of the base machine and thus there is no need for diff OS or kernel for each isolated container deployment.

What is Container

Container is an mechanism if having separate and specific environment for your application in a light way without on top of base kernel architecture and OS.
Its a quick and easy to deploy and manage filesystem/application.

How Docker work

Docker have two parts.
Docker Client and docker server with its API.
Docker clients communicates with docker server API for creating images to building, running and managing docker containers.

How Container work

Docker container works in an isolated environment with its own filesystem and namespace and network with pid chain with minimal resources consumed by container other than your application running inside container.
It communicates with docker server/daemon Api.

What are the components of Docker

Docker Server
Docker Client
Docker Registry
Docker images
docker containers

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